Digital Business Models

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Digitization and its rapid evolution are creating new products, changing customer demands, and disrupting traditional markets. One-off revenue is increasingly being replaced by recurring revenue streams—shifting the sale of one big product to long-term relationships shaped by digital.

These digital products and services are creating new, longer-term business opportunities for incumbent compan playing fields are opening up access to new customers and creating new access to existing customers. If you don’t adjust your business model to capture this digital reality, then someone else will—and you’ll be in trouble.

So how do you win with a digital business model? How do you protect your position today while winning new business?

It starts with the following four steps:
  • Determining a course to find relevant and feasible business opportunities;
  • Selecting the right course of execution;
  • Testing how to get the right products into the right markets in the right way;
  • Building and scaling the digital business models.

Mayowa Owolabi

Serial Entrepreneur


  1. I followed same analysis as yesterday on the outlook and sir, I can only be grateful. Thank God for you sir, and I really appreciate what you do. This account has grown from combo of Hosea and SR condition trading on the outlook Good morning sir. God Bless you sir!!!! Currently running a 90day Hosea challenge with my team, we are 2 weeks up, 19 trades taken so far 19 won! We are not greedy, we only do 10 pips 1 Wow!

    1. Good morning, my name is ifeanyi, forex is a money making machine even the bible too confirmed it Ecl 11 vs 1-6... join the moving train while u can....

  • I'm so happy and grateful now for my trade today. We give God praise and we enjoy the cash!!!

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