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Institutional Trading Concept

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If you want to trade with precision and accuracy, then this is the best course.

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Success Stories

Prior to joining the ITC training course, I had been trading; however, this course changed my chart analysis perspective. It does the impossible by coupling low risks with insane rewards and as a trader this is priceless.

I believe anyone who applies the smart-money concepts the training provides is bound to see immense results. 
David Ateniola – Canada

The Institutional Trading Concept is a mind-blowing trading concept, the most amazing thing is how it was simplified in the course, Mr. Mayowa Owolabi broke it down in an easy and practicable way. Asides from the fact that I learned to trade as the banks and institutions do, I have been able to up my trading mindset..”

Dexter Emmanuel Abolurin


If you don’t come a rich family, a rich family should come from you. ITC is a family where we take care of one another. Institutional trading has never been easier. The concepts learnt here will take you from a novice to executing sniper entry positions in the FX market. It’s a no brainier. Sign up ” 

Ola Oyo 

I am so elated, delighted, and filled with so much joy as I write this message. 

Before now I have been struggling with trading the Forex Market and jumping from one strategy to the other but I must confess that after I have successfully completed the ITC(Institutional Trading Concept) course, my trading career has taken a new turn.

I now have so much confidence in myself and in my analysis which I was lacking before, i no longer wait or depend on other people’s signals, I now make consistent profit with minimal loss as loss is inevitable when trading the Forex Market. But overall there has been a positive change in my trading life. I am so happy and excited, I give all glory to GOD almighty for making this possible and I also thank the founder of the ITC strategy for his simplicity in his explanation when teaching the strategy.

Ufot Richie Imoh 

ITC course was a game-changer for me. It’s an instrument that performed surgical activities in my trading experience. It removed some noise and lots of irrelevances I acquired over the years. I learnt precision trading which increased my winning rate. Also, I learnt the ability to modify my entry-level to use small risk. It has increased by reward by far. I encourage everybody to join ITC to learn how the institutions trade.

Emmanuel Ifeanyi Nwone


“My goal is to help at least 1million people in the next 10years. I desire to be a blessing to an average of 1million people in the next ten years by providing access to the right information and making good money as I do. With the right information you can achieve anything you set your heart to.”

- Mayowa Owolabi

Serial Entrepreneur and Investor