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Forex Mastermind

Forex Mastermind
3-Part Training Program

Level 1:

The forex beginner's level is designed to provide individuals who are new to the world of forex trading with a comprehensive introduction to the market.

Level 2:

The forex intermediate level is designed for individuals who have already gained some experience in forex trading and are looking to take their knowledge and skills to the next level. We cover topics on Technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and sentiment analysis

Level 3:

The forex advanced course is designed for experienced traders who have already mastered the basic and intermediate concepts of forex trading and are looking to expand their knowledge and skills further.

The course typically covers advanced trading strategies, high-level technical and psychology and risk management techniques

Level 1: Beginners

Introduction to Forex Market & How do you trade forex?

Forex Market is the world's largest and most liquid market, with daily trading volumes surpassing $6 trillion. To trade forex, you first need to open a trading account with a broker. Then, you can choose from a variety of currency pairs and use technical and fundamental analysis to determine when to buy or sell. Forex traders can use leverage to amplify their gains, but it also increases the risk of losses. Successful forex trading requires discipline, risk management, and a sound trading strategy.

Understand Pip, Leverage, Lot size & Different types of trading session

Gaining indepth understanding of the basic concept in trading such as pip, leverage, lot size will help you to communicate with others, make informed decision, manage risk and take advantage of trading opportunities.

Understanding Margin trading?

In this Module, you will learn how traders leverage their trades and potentially increase their profits. Though it also comes with increased risk but I will show you how it’s done.

How to place a trade using MT4 and MT5

By mastering the basics of placing trades on MT4, traders can enter and exit positions with confidence, manage risk effectively, and ultimately increase their chances of success in the markets.

Setting up your Tradingview as a pro

Setting up your TradingView account like a pro can help you become a more effective and profitable trader. It’s a powerful charting and analysis tools, traders can easily spot trends, identify key supply and demand, and develop and test their trading strategies.

Ordinary People. Extraordinary Results.

” Prior to joining the ITC training course, I had been trading; however, this course changed my chart analysis perspective. It does the impossible by coupling low risks with insane rewards and as a trader this is priceless.I believe anyone who applies the smart-money concepts the training provides is bound to see immense results.“
David Ateniola

Level 2: Intermediate

Identifying Direction

By recognizing the underlying trend, traders can enter positions in the direction of the trend and avoid taking trades against it. This can help traders to reduce their risk and increase their chances of success.

Identify Location

Ultimately, being able to identify location in forex trading can help traders to improve their risk management, increase their profitability, and achieve long-term success in the markets.

Master Fibonacci

The Fibonacci sequence and ratios are widely used in technical analysis, and traders use these levels to identify potential entry and exit points for their trades.

Volume identification

Volume identification is important in forex trading as it can provide valuable insights into market activity and help traders make more informed trading decisions. Volume help traders gauge the level of participation and interest in a particular currency pair, which can help them to identify potential trends and reversals.

Confirmation & Entry

Confirmation involves using multiple analysis tools to confirm a trade signal before entering a position. This can help traders to avoid false signals and reduce their risk of losses. Entry involves determining the most favorable point to enter a trade, based on market conditions and risk management considerations.

Ordinary People. Extraordinary Results.

ITC course was a game-changer for me. It’s an instrument that performed surgical activities in my trading experience. It removed some noise and lots of irrelevances I acquired over the years. I learnt precision trading which increased my winning rate. Also, I learnt the ability to modify my entry-level to use small risk. It has increased by reward by far. I encourage everybody to join ITC to learn how the institutions trade.
Emmanuel Ifeanyi

Level 3: Advance

Mastery Psychology in trading

Mastering psychology in trading is crucial in forex trading as it can help traders to manage their emotions and make more rational trading decisions. By mastering psychology, traders can develop the discipline and mental toughness needed to stick to their trading plan, manage their risk effectively, and remain focused on their long-term goals.

Trade Management

Trade management is an important aspect of forex trading as it can help traders to maximize their profits and minimize their losses. Effective trade management involves setting realistic profit targets, adjusting stop-loss levels as the market moves, and using trailing stops to lock in profits.

Risk Management

Effective risk management involves setting stop-loss levels, using proper position sizing, and diversifying one's portfolio to spread out risk. proper risk management can help traders to remain disciplined and focused on their trading plan, which can improve their overall trading performance.

Understanding Compounding

Compounding involves reinvesting profits back into the trading account, which can lead to exponential growth in one's trading capital. By compounding their profits, traders can accelerate their growth and achieve their trading goals more quickly.

Ordinary People. Extraordinary Results.

If you don’t come a rich family, a rich family should come from you. ITC is a family where we take care of one another. Institutional trading has never been easier. The concepts learnt here will take you from a novice to executing sniper entry positions in the FX market. It’s a no brainier. Sign up ”
Ola Oyo


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VIP 1 Year Access


Total Value of $11,000

997 USD

Join Now And Save $10,000

PREMIUM 1- Year Access


Total Value of $31,000

4,997 USD

Join Now And Save $26,000


VIP BONUS 1: COT Training

The Commitments of Traders (COT) is a report issued by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on a weekly basis that provides information on the positions held by various types of traders in the futures markets. The report shows the net long or short positions held by commercial traders, noncommercial traders (such as hedge funds), and small traders in different commodity futures contracts. It can be used as a tool to gauge the sentiment of the major players in the currency futures markets, which can provide insights into potential market trends.

The Institutional Trading Concept is a mind-blowing trading concept, the most amazing thing is how it was simplified in the course, Mr. Mayowa Owolabi broke it down in an easy and practicable way. Asides from the fact that I learned to trade as the banks and institutions do, I have been able to up my trading mindset..”
Dexter Emmanuel
NGO Project Manager

VIP BONUS 2: How to 10X your Trading account course

To 10X your trading account in forex, you would need to generate a 1000% return on your initial
investment. This is a challenging goal that requires a solid trading plan, discipline, and risk management
skills. The mastermind give ways to potentially achieve this goal in forex trading include using a high-risk
high-reward strategy, identifying favorable market conditions and taking advantage of leverage.

I now have so much confidence in myself and in my analysis which I was lacking before, i no longer wait or depend on other people’s signals, I now make consistent profit with minimal loss as loss is inevitable when trading the Forex Market. But overall there has been a positive change in my trading life. I am so happy and excited, I give all glory to GOD almighty for making this possible and I also thank the founder of the ITC strategy for his simplicity in his explanation when teaching the strategy.
Ufot Richie Umoh
Forex Trader

VIP BONUS 3: Currency Index Training

Currency index reflects the overall strength or weakness of a particular currency relative to other
currencies. Traders may use currency indices to make informed trading decisions based on the overall
performance of a currency against a range of other currencies. This approach can provide traders with a
more comprehensive view of the currency markets and can help them identify potential trading

I am so elated, delighted, and filled with so much joy as I write this message.Before now I have been struggling with trading the Forex Market and jumping from one strategy to the other but I must confess that after I have successfully completed the ITC(Institutional Trading Concept) course, my trading career has taken a new turn.
Patrick Umoh
Forex Trader

Let’s do a quick recap of what you’re about to get when you sign up!



VIP 1 Year Access


Total Value of $11,000

997 USD

Join Now And Save $10,000

PREMIUM 1- Year Access


Total Value of $31,000

4,997 USD

Join Now And Save $26,000


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It commissions you to gain mastery and become consistent profit traders with the right psychology, risk,
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Yes! This Mastermind comes with mentorship and coaching with Lifetime access to the “Institutional
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- Mayowa Owolabi

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