My Story

I had a humble beginning while growing up in a ghetto [Oshodi, Lagos]. I did menial jobs to pay my school fees while in school. I mean….I worked on construction sites, turning and mixing sand, gravel, and cement to make concrete for other labourers. Those days, it was all about hustling to survive.

I got a job after graduation to work in a bank as a tech guy. At this point, I told myself that I would quit this job after 5 years.  I realized that those periods were enough for me to learn about financial institutions because I knew I would be dealing with money. 

During my time at the bank, I learnt how to trade in the financial market. Part of my 64k salary was used to trade in the foreign exchange market. I learnt several trading strategies but couldn’t stop losing money to the forex market. 

At this point, I met my wife and one night, I informed her about my decision to quit my job at the bank. She supported my dream and we embarked on this journey to achieve financial freedom. 

After I quit my job, life was so difficult to bear. My wife got pregnant in between and I had to find a means to take care of her. Then one day, I collected a flier from an unknown person under a bridge in Lagos. It was a moment I cannot forget in my life. I took the opportunity to learn from one of the fastest-growing investors and entrepreneurs in the city, Dr Stephen Akintayo. It was an internship role and I was happy to serve under him.

I was sending bulk SMS while working in his firm. While I was doing this, I was diligently learning other aspects of a business. It was truly a learning curve for me as I took time to serve and learn the practical aspect of digital marketing.

My time with Dr Stephen Akintayo made me grow in my personal development. This period as well as my faith in God opened my eyes to many things about life. 

I started to implement what I learnt while working with Dr Stephen after I had left his firm. MayConcept started in the corner of my room with one staff member who was resuming in my small apartment. 

In my place of meditation, I soon found a solution to my losses in the forex market. The Institutional Trading Concept (ITC) is a strategy that helps to minimize losses and win more. Termed the ‘’Trader’s Salvation’’, it was a solution that has helped me to gain financial freedom. I have since helped many others achieve financial freedom through this strategy (ITC) in the FX market. 

I have been able to create wealth for myself through the financial market, personal development, and digital business.

I have since established the Mayowa Owolabi Company to help 1 billion people achieve financial freedom through quality financial education. I’ve been helping people to achieve financial freedom by empowering them with the right wealth-creation tools.

I’ve embarked on this journey of helping people achieve their financial freedom and you are the next in line.

So now, I ask you: Are you interested in leaving the life of struggles and achieving your financial freedom?

I have helped a lot of people through my events (FMC & MMC), books, radio shows, training, and online university (Mayowa Owolabi University). Thousands of clients have used my mastermind classes and free training to overcome their mindset and lack-of-skill obstacles to catapult their lives to the success they only dreamed of.

Today, my purpose is to take all my lessons. My research. My methods, techniques and proven strategies, and show you exactly how you too, can have the life of your dreams…faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

I hope I can be of service to you. 

Are you interested or are you committed?

With love,

Mayowa Owolabi.